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ALBATROS GEMİ VE MAK.SAN LTD STI has been founded by a group of Naval Architects engineers in 1996.Since its foundation, it is a ship design, consultancy company that provides engineering solutions and also company that makes ultrasonic thickness measurement approved by classification societies in the maritime and shipbuilding sectors.

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Ballast Water Management

What is ballast water management?

Since the introduction of steel-hulled vessels, water has been used as ballast to stabilize vessels at sea. Ballast water is pumped in to maintain safe operating conditions throughout a voyage. This practice reduces stress on the hull, provides transverse stability, improves propulsion and manoeuvrability, and compensates for weight changes in various cargo load levels and due to fuel and water consumption.

While ballast water is essential for safe and efficient modern shipping operations, it may pose serious ecological, economic and health problems due to the multitude of marine species carried in ships’ ballast water. These include bacteria, microbes, small invertebrates, eggs, cysts and larvae of various species. The transferred species may survive to establish a reproductive population in the host environment, becoming invasive, out-competing native species and multiplying into pest proportions.